Great Time GT-OTG Is The Unique OTG Connector Which Facilitates Its User To Connect The Devices Such As USB, Gaming Consoles And Other With The Android Device Without Installing Any Additional Software.

The Easy To Connect System Couple To Its Fast Data Transferring Ability Makes It Both An Effective As Well As An Efficient OTG Device.



Direct connectivity to Anroid: unlike other OTG connectors the Gt-Otg do not require any additional software or an external app to be connected to an apple device. This increases its expediency in use by many folds.

Plug and play: GT OTG connector enables its users to enjoy swift connectivity of their IOS device or Apple device to different devices or gadgets including USB, gaming consoles and other mobile phones.

High transfer rate: GT-OTG provides a high transfer rate to transfer data and media from or to other devices, cameras and USB to and from the ANDROID device.

Stylish design: GT-OTG along with it ease in use, have visually appealing design make it the best and stylish option to choose as a OTG connector.


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